Sunday, June 18, 2017

To My Father

Dear Daddy,

You carried me on your shoulders and showed me the world.

You taught me how to ride a bike and drive a car as I was your favorite little girl.

You pushed me to never give up and keep going when I was ready to quit.

You even created my very own math computer program to help me appreciate the subject I hated the most (LOL...true).

Every moment I spend with you, you teach me something new.

You manage to lift up my spirits whenever I'm sad and blue.

I may not need you to hold my hand anymore, but I will always need you to hold me in your heart.

Happy Father's Day.

I love you,



  1. Beautiful, Silvana! Have a beautiful day! <3

  2. What a brilliant tribute. How blessed you are. Have a gorgeous week.

  3. Hi Silvana, what a beautiful and touching Father's Day tribute. What a blessing you are to each other. Love the special photos. Have a wonderful week. It's so nice to see you on IG too. xo