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Friday, August 28, 2015

My kitten rescue story

I have always been a dog person. My belief was that cats were evil and dogs were great because they love to cuddle, sit in your lap and are always loyal to you whereas cats don’t show you the love that dogs do. Cats carry diseases and are traitors. They’ll leave you any chance they get. That was my opinion on cats.
I wanted a dog to care for and love so one day I finally convinced myself and brought my puppy home. But this post is not going to be about my puppy. It’s going to be about my cat. Yes I know, I just finished telling you I’m not a cat person…well I proved otherwise. 
I found my cat while I was walking the dog one Friday afternoon. When I got home from work that day, June 21, 2013, I put the leash on my pup and we went out for our daily walk. All of a sudden he started barking up a storm and pulling me into the corner of a building. I then saw what he was barking at... Curled up in a corner is this little black and white cat the size of a tennis ball with half of its tail missing and bleeding badly. The skin from the tail was hanging loose and only the cartilage was visible. My heart immediately sank looking at this little creature whose eyes were full of terror. My dog was still barking trying to attack the frightened kitten and I was trying to keep him away.

In that moment the only thing I was thinking was that if I walk away and leave her there she will die and when I go for my usual walk with the dog the following day and I see her laying lifeless I'll feel terrible about myself for not helping her and giving her a chance to live.
I decide to take the dog back home. I put on a pair of latex gloves, I get an old dog carrier that I had in my garage, get in my car and drive back to the spot where I had found her. Fortunately, she was still there. I had no idea how to handle her, I knew nothing about cats. I tried picking her up but she kept hissing at me. I finally managed to put her in the carrier, got in the car and drove to the nearest vet.
I waited patiently until it was finally our turn.  The vet told me the kitten was a female (I couldn’t tell) and that she was probably a month old. The rest of the tail had to be amputated which meant that she had to have full anesthesia. She told me that since the kitten was too young she might not have survived the operation but it was all that could be done. The vet gave her antibiotics and the operation was scheduled for first thing Monday morning. That meant she had to come home with me and stay all day Saturday and Sunday…

I took her home and put her in a cardboard box in the guest bedroom. I had to keep her away from my dog who was very aggressive towards cats. The vet had given me cat food to give her and she ate with such an appetite the poor little thing. My dog was always behind that bedroom door, he knew she was in there.  But I kept them apart. I knew I would give the cat away eventually…I couldn’t keep a dog and a cat together! Monday came around and before going to work I took the kitten to the vet for her surgery. I left her there wondering if she was going to make it. I already felt like I was getting attached to her. All morning I kept thinking about her and if she was ok. I couldn’t take it anymore and called the vets office.
The vet told me that she was already wide awake from the anesthesia and she was eating and jumping around. I was so happy!! I couldn’t wait to pick her up that afternoon! I took her home with me and bought a small litter box for her. Her little bobtail was all bandaged up but she was a healthy kitten! Needless to say I never gave her away. 
She is part of our family now and she and my puppy are inseparable. I was hesitant about my dog getting along with her but they play together and sleep together and have become best friends.
I have grown to love her so much and I take back everything I ever thought about cats. She purrs whenever I pet her and she is always by my side. She follows me in every room of the house. When I’m cooking she’s sitting on the kitchen chair keeping me company, when I’m watching tv she’s right there next to me.

She is an absolute joy and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. God really does work in mysterious ways and I am forever grateful to Him for this joy He has given to our family. By the way, her name is Gigia which is the female version of Luigi. You see, I found her on June 21st, which in Italy is the day that Saint Luigi is celebrated :-). Thanks for reading!