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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Living Room Makeover - Take 2

Well this weekend I did absolutely no cooking. That's right...I went on strike in the kitchen. I just didn't feel like it. Does this happen to anyone else? So unfortunately I have no recipes to share with you today. Boo...not even a Sunday Sweet nada - zip - zero - zilch - niente. I mean I THOUGHT about cooking. I wanted to make cinnamon sugar pretzels (Auntie Anne style) I wanted to make spinach stuffed pizza....I really wanted to make a lemon meringue pie. But it just wasn't happening. My mind was all about it but my body was like nope! Don't feel like it...I would just rather be a lazy bum and watch Italian X Factor...

I was a little productive though...I wasn't a complete and total procrastinator over the weekend. What I did do was rearrange my living room about 550 times...that's fun right? I know I've already told you about my love for blue and white and all last week I was pondering how to incorporate some blue and white into my living room.

I was so pumped to start because I thought it was going to be totally awesome so I went to Leroy Merlin (which is like an Italian Home Goods/Home Depot all in one) and was looking for some blue and white curtains to get the ball rolling. So I found a panel that I thought was suitable. I wasn't OMG crazy about it but I thought it looked nice and would go well but I wasn't convinced enough to buy 4 panels....because we all know tailor made curtains are not cheap... So I bought one $30 panel with the intention of cutting it in half and seeing if I liked it enough. If I didn't like it I could just use the fabric for something else. I definitely won't be throwing it away! So I cut it in half and hung it up...

Then I moved the pictures around the curtains and put other ones up.....
Then I took more close up pictures and sent them to my friends and family for opinions...
I left them up all day Saturday to get a better feel but I was just "ehhhh" about them...
I kept seeing too many colors it just looked like a hot mess. I kept telling myself to step out of my comfort have too much beige...spice up your life a I know guys...this is important stuff right here!
So I went back to Leroy Merlin to buy the other panels when I stop all of a sudden in front of the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen (ok that's a bit of an exaggeration but it makes for a good story...)! My eyes start to sparkle and I hear choirs of Angels singing "halleluiah". I set my eyes on this gorgeous gold victorian leaf print fabric and fell in love. I took home 4 meters of this fabric and ditched the blue and white curtain panels I had in my cart...immediately!
How excited I was! I couldn't wait to get home and break out my sewing machine and get those bad boys hung up! I am not in any way a professional seamstress but I do know how to use a sewing machine so I just hemmed up the top, bottom and sides and on the curtain rod they went!

I know terrible pictures...sorry. Here's kind of a close up...

I also bought that little drawer set in the corner that I'm in love with. It's like a light switch came on when I put those curtains up and now everything goes well together. The blue just wasn't working for me as much as I wanted to love it. I also added some candlestick lampshades to my chandy which I think look great. You wouldn't think it but those little guys are expensive! I think they are so worth it though. They add that little extra something.

If you noticed I had adhesive decorating paper in the top left corner of that wall. There is a hole there for a wood burning stove that we just never put in...and I never knew what to do about that hole that was so ugly looking. So I arranged the pictures like that to cover up the hole and I think it works well.
There is also so much light that enters from the windows now. Before the room looked rather dark because I had draped curtains that blocked out a lot of the natural sunlight. The room seems so much brighter with the curtains this way.

Well, that's what I was up to this past weekend. Interesting right?

No worries...strike's over....back to cooking! I'll have some tasty recipes for you soon. 
I have however been refreshing my sourdough every day so it wasn't a total strike I guess.
Here it is:
Alessandra, what do you think? I need your expert opinion please :-) I'm worried my baby stopped growing :-/
Ciao my friends and thanks for reading!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bedroom Makeover

Remember the chandelier that I DIY'ed for my Aunt's bedroom makeover? Well, we got it hung up over the weekend and redid her whole bedroom! I went to stay with her this past weekend to help her out and it turned out great. She was so happy with the end result and I am so proud of what we were able to accomplish. In the beginning she wanted to pay someone to paint the room because she didn't want to take on the task by herself but I convinced her that it could be done! So first thing Saturday morning we were at the paint store and bought a beautiful light grey paint and added paint crystals to it for a little bling. :-)

The bedroom is very small. It has a small wardrobe, a dresser a full size bed and one night stand. It was originally a really ugly pink color and she tried to make it work but it just continued to look like a little girls room and nothing would make it better. She despised that color but just never got around to painting it. It was something that she always put off. I love doing room make overs and really pushed her to get the ball rolling and she finally gave me the green light.  Here is what the room looked like


It was just so cramped and not inviting at all. I think that if you don't like a room to begin with you will never really want to spend time there. She pretty much used the room to sleep in, get dressed and headed out the door. She wanted to have a space where she would be able to relax after a stressful day at work and just unwind. So I'm not going to waste any more time because we all love a good before and after! So here you go!
The lighting is really bad and I apologize in advance. This picture was taken as soon as the room was finished and it was very late as you can tell. I was exhausted afterwards!
These pictures were taken the following morning and you can see the paint color a little better.

Here you can see the lamp shades on the chandelier really match the wall color.

This is a panorama shot that I took with my iPhone.
And that's it! The room looks a lot bigger than before and moving the bed in front of the window makes the room look cozier I think. The only costs were for the paint, a new bedspread and curtains. The wall art remained the same and we added a floor lamp which was moved from another room in the house. So for about 100 bucks my Aunt got herself a completely different bedroom! I think we did pretty good don't you? :-) 


Monday, September 7, 2015

DIY Chandelier Makeover

After eating WAYYYYY too much over the weekend, I think I’ll take a break from food blogging today and show you what I was working on all Sunday afternoon. If you follow me on Instagram you already saw the before and after of my Ikea Molnig Ceiling light makeover. I had this ceiling light in my kitchen for a couple years until I bought a new chandelier for my living room and put the one I had there originally in the kitchen so this one got the boot…and down in the garage it went. Am I the only one that does this kind of swapping around ? When I’m in “moving furniture around mode” there’s no stopping me. My sweetheart is like “It was perfectly fine before…I don’t get it…this is such a waste of time…etc. etc. ” Men just don’t understand….
Anyways, as you know my Aunt was visiting me from out of town and we did a little shopping over the weekend because she wants to redo her bedroom. So we bought some curtains and a new duvet for her bed and she saw my poor little dusty chandy sitting all lonely in the corner of my garage…so she suggested we give it a little makeover …. and that we did! Actually I did…she watched…and made Martinis :-)
Here is what it looked like before:
The first thing I did was wipe that sucker down with a damp rag and some rubbing alcohol to really clean it. Then I made sure to dry it well with paper towels. I added cotton balls to protect the light bulb sockets and then gave it a good coat of universal primer.
I let it dry for a couple hours and then spray painted it a nice pearly white color.
Earlier that day we went to a local lamp store and were looking for 5 lamp shades for chandeliers. They only had 3 beige and 2 white ones so we bought them anyways with the intent to paint them.  The beige color was nice and I decided to try to match the color. I had some white paint from a previous project I had done but had no brown, only black paint. I knew that I needed just a drop of brown to match the beige so I used a spoon of espresso coffee. I mixed the two but the color barely changed and I didn’t want the paint to get too watery so I decided my only solution was to try a drop of the black paint I had. It worked out pretty well but you could tell that they were a hint on the grey side whereas the beige was a warmer tone. So in the end I just painted them all.
They ended up looking really good. I had some lace trim lying around and added it to the top and bottom of the lamp shades with a glue gun and that was it.
My Aunt was so happy with how it turned out and I’m happy that my little old chandy is getting a good home :-) Seeing old furniture lying around in your garage is so depressing don’t you think? It’s amazing what a few coats of paint and a little creativity can do.
She took it with her this morning when she left and she promised to send pictures of it when she hangs it up. I can’t wait to see how it looks all lit up. I’ll make sure to show you. Thanks for reading!