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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cutlets - To dip or double dip? That is the question...

Whether it's veil, chicken or pork, cutlets are one of the easiest and tastiest second course dishes to prepare. Both adults and children love them and they always get eaten.

They are very popular in Italy and are a must at any family gathering. Everyone I've seen has a slightly different way of making them. I did a little experiment the other day and made 2 different types of cutlets using pork chops to see which one I liked best.

So a cutlet is basically a piece of meat dipped in egg, breaded and fried. Yes I know, revolutionary. You can make a healthier cutlet by baking and avoid frying but honestly, I find that it's really not the same at all and gets pretty dry. So I say just fry it and fuhgeddaboudit ...

Am I right?

Anyways, I had two pork chops that I decided to make the other night and thought it would be interesting to make each one a bit different to see which one we preferred. Some people double dip the cutlet while others dip once. So one cutlet got dipped once in the egg and the other got double dipped. If you already know how to make a cutlet you probably won't find this post very interesting but if you've never made one before and would like to try I hope you will find this post useful and decide for yourself which method you prefer.

So I gathered my ingredients:

Pork Chops

One egg with a little bit of milk and some pepper (hold the salt) scrambled

Plain bread crumbs that I seasoned with salt and Italian Ariosto Spices. I guess they would be the equivalent of Panko bread crumbs in the States.
The first step is to dip the meat in the egg and coat both sides well poking the meat with your fork.
Then you want to coat the meat with the breadcrumbs using a meat tenderizer if you have one.

This was when I fried the first cutlet. I don't like to fry in butter so I prefer to use vegetable oil.

The second cutlet got dipped again in the egg mixture and fried directly with the second egg coating.


You can see the egg cooking on the second cutlet whereas the first cutlet is crispier.

Can you tell which one's which?

This is the double dipper above.
Single dipper...
So these were delicious either way I'm not even going to lie. You could definitely taste the egg more in the double dipper whereas the single dipped cutlet was a lot crispier. Personally I preferred the double dipped cutlet whereas my sweety pie prefers the crispier one. It's all a matter of taste in the end .  I think that it's really difficult to mess up a cutlet and it's just one of those recipes that allows you to add your own personal touch without turning it into a complete disaster...

Well, I'm sure Chef Ramsay could find something wrong with it.
How do you make your cutlets?